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Editing Services

Millwheel Press now offers only developmental editing services.

For a reasonable fee we will critique your work and offer developmental suggestions to help you lift your work from an idea to a book ready to be published. 

Receiving a critique from Millwheel Press Ltd  does not constitute an agreement on either side to publish the work. If Millwheel Press is interested in publishing a work as a result of an editing enquiry then Millwheel Press will approach the writer with a specific contract.

Fees are based on an hourly rate and may vary depending on the complexity of the task. Note: all prices are in NZ dollars.


Developmental edit: A developmental edit highlights issues at the whole-book and chapter level, such as holes in your plot, story threads that go nowhere or are confusing, characters who fail to captivate, secondary characters who should be removed or given a larger role, decisions about voice (first-person vs. third, close vs. omniscient, etc.), order of the scenes, flow of action, and pace.

This is a great opportunity to submit a few chapters and a summary to see if the plot and characters are working and if there are any inconsistencies or obvious gaps, or to submit the whole work to look for continuity or reasons why parts are not working as the writer intended.

A developmental edit from Millwheel Press will provide a written review including comments on aspects that work and do not work, and suggestions for improvement 

Note: Millwheel Press will not re-write for you – we will highlight what needs to be changed but it is up to the writer to make the changes.


$0.002 cents pr word e.g. 50,000 words $100.

Note: Minimum charge of $50